Collaborate in a new way with just a display and integrated Cisco or Logitech camera/microphone unit.
Feel free to BYOD and present with a touch of your fingers.


Challenging times have radically changed our work habits & locations, shifting from workplaces to our homes & personal spaces.

Market leaders Logitech, Jabra and Crestron have produced multiple innovative USB & wireless systems,

with up to 4K UHD video, high definition speakers & echo-cancelling microphones.

Just plug it in and start your conversations within seconds, simple and pain-free.

Following the shift to mobile and personal work habits, BYOD, Bring Your Own Device has quickly become one of the common standards of video conferencing.

The Logitech Meetup created an all new room setup style, satisfying user’s demands for an all-in-one device, with

built-in camera, speakers and microphone, in a soundbar design that installs neatly below their existing TV displays.

Various big brand names such as Crestron, Poly, Cisco, Harman and even Bose, have since then released similar or

evolved versions of the Meetup, with some offering integration to their existing web conference platforms or

popular third party providers, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more.

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