Professional Projectors

Ultra-short throw projectors create interactive meeting rooms and engaging classroom teaching.

Install large laser light source projectors in large theatres or inaccessible halls with high ceilings, and not worry about maintenance for the next five years.

Use multiple edge-blended projectors to create a panoramic image across your gallery or showroom.

Home Entertainment Projectors

Tips to choose the right projector for your home:
– Decide which room and check the ambient brightness – eliminate or reduce light sources.
–  Select between Full HD, 3D, 4K resolution, traditional lamp or future-proof laser light source.
– Think of how you will want to use the projector:
Blu-ray movies, Karaoke, Gaming, day-to-day TV programs, Soccer matches, etc

Specialized Projection paint

Perfect for large empty walls or even curved surfaces, specialized projection paint let you create a panoramic or odd-shaped image, for an immersive showroom, or even as a presentation area.
Not all paints are created equal – with high/low gain and consistent image clarity, these paints differ from the regular types used for typical office walls.

Motorized Projection Screens

Want to project over multiple rooms at one time, for a large townhall event?
Choose from a variety of motorized, manual pull down, fixed wall mounted, portable tripod, and even writeable projection screens.

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