My Lighthouse is a small company based in Singapore. We aim to be your one-stop LED lighting solutions. We have been working closely with interior designers and offering them lighting solutions with our professional range of lightings for different projects such as home, retail or commercial. With LED lights, the potential cost of power and maintenance will be saved. When it comes to mood lighting, our lights permits endless creative scope with the colorful and color-changing LED products.

Advanced Technology

For an enhanced lighting experience and warm color tone that bring out the best effect for your living space, get our OSRAM LED lights. Whether you need a soft glow in your bedroom, bright light in the kitchen, or a cosy, warm light in the living room, the right LED lights will be perfect for your home. Our lights are also dimmable to the softest levels and they do not flicker or start with an annoying buzz.

Maximum Efficiency

The OSRAM LED lights they we offer are some of the best available home lighting in Singapore. Due to the low heat and power consumption of special LED technology, the LED lights are excellent and more durable lamp replacements for many high energy consumption lighting systems. LED lamps from OSRAM produce their full light output instantly and will last a very long time

High Performance

The OSRAM lighting systems also provide a full range of compatible LED dimmers. The high luminous efficiency, absence of harmful UV and long life-span of minimum 30,000 hours, make our spotlights an excellent choice of light source for residential and commercial lighting. OSRAM lights combine high-quality design and functionality with all the benefits of innovative LED fixtures: direct and indirect light, warm brilliant light, and economical durable light.

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